Save the children tee (human trafficking donations)

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This is one that is near and dear to all our hearts.


In light of everything happening (even though we all know this has been going on for WAY longer), we felt the need to do our part and donate to an organization helping to end human trafficking and saving any and all children possible.

Elizabeth Morgan hand drew this for us and we will be donating all profits from our sales to Operation Underground Railroad on Sunday ❤️

$21.50 each for sizes XS-2X, add $2 for 3/4X


- this will run until Sunday. TAT will be 4-5 business days (these are printed on demand as you order them) the quicker you order, the faster your order gets filled. We fill orders from first to last in. ❤️

- DTG printed on Bella Canvas Natural color tees

- we will have extras printed sunday as well that will go up as ready to ship after closing!

Will add to website to make live tomorrow but if you would like to purchase here comment email and size needed, these are bella canvas woman tee so have a fitted look but still TTS.